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Who Am I? And Why You Can Trust Me 

Hi my name is Christian Bates and for the past 20 years I've been helping baby's just like yours eliminate colic and symptoms of colic through my Calming Colic System.  

The system has helped thousands of babies reduce pain and eliminate colic,  Its the ultimate and easiest way to learn and understand why your baby is excessively crying and how to help them. 

As an Osteopath specialising helping babies with colic the program has been structured into 3 districted stages so you can get the quickest relief and results for both you and your baby.  

“So informative and insightful, it holds a wealth of knowledge you can access at your leisure. This is a fantastic resource for new parents”

Emma Mills – Private Midwife

Stage 1 - Calming Your Baby's Colic Symptoms

If you have been told that you will have to wait 12 weeks for the colic to stop and theirs no cure for colic, you've been lied to.  

There are a few simple strategies you can use at home that I share in the calming colic home program that can help reduce and relive your baby's pain, excessive crying and other colicky symptoms within just a few days!   

"My son had terrible problems feeding from just a few weeks old and it started to affect his weight gain. After weeks of doctor and health visitor appointments and every trick in the book to deal with what we thought was colic or reflux, we came to see Christian. The difference in Elliot after one appointment was amazing. We were given probiotic drops and in the space of one week Elliot is thriving. The osteopathy also helped loosen him up and relax him.We couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends."

Susan, Haywards Heath

Stage 2- Helping Your Baby Stay Healthy & Happy 

Once your baby has reduced in colicky symptoms and is getting a good nights sleep stage 2 of the program will show you how to keep your baby healthy and happy to avoid any symptoms of colic coming back.  

I would like to thank you for your course (via my father). It has been a lifesaver! At 3 weeks our daughter developed colic. What a nightmare. I never realised how hard a colicky baby could be. I searched the internet for advice but it was all so non-specific. Then my father appeared with your course when our daughter was 5 weeks old and we haven’t had a problem since. I thought your course was well written, easy to read but most importantly well researched and referenced. As a doctor I found it reassuring to see the evidence laid out for me to see. I think this book should be recommended at every antenatal class!

Dr Louise Moran BSc(Hons), MBBS, MAPCS, FANZCA, FCAI, EDRA, PG pClin Ed

Stage 3- Helping You The Mum Reduce Anxiety & Stay Healthy 

Let me ask you this... Who’s going to look after the baby if you the mum aren't feeling your best? 

constantly talk to and see mums that are tired, anxious, depressed, in pain, have bowel issues, weight problems and their hormones are all over the place. 

And they all say the same thing; “It all started after I had my children!” Stage 3 of the program Is all about helping you the mum stay healthy so you can love and enjoy the most precious time of your life with your baby. 

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